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The Simple Different Website Builder

The Story of SimDif

Over 10 years ago website builders were created to help people make websites without the need for coding or technical knowledge.

The simplification and good intentions of these tools did not always achieve the desired results and a vast majority of sites were left incomplete. The majority of published sites were not clear enough for their readers and struggled to be visible on Google.

These website builders did not automatically help people to make good websites, in the same way that the invention of word processors did not necessarily make people good writers.

As a result, rather than helping people build well-optimized sites, many of these services were rebuilt around marketing. Most website builders became experts in selling features to their users, suggesting that the qualities of a website come from the ad-ons they could purchase.

Simple Different never gave up on its goal to educate and empower people. In 2010 SimDif was released to the public and in 2012 it became the first website builder app to be available on iOS and Android. The major upgrade SimDif 2 was released in April 2019.

The calling of SimDif was to help users organize the content of their sites in a way that would benefit their audience and to increase their chances of being visible on search engines.

This is still the mission today.

To learn about more values SimDif upholds, please check out these pages:

App Description

A website creation app

SimDif 2 is an app to create full websites, all from a phone without any technical knowledge. 

Make a site by adding pages and blocks and then adding content. Blocks make pages, pages make sites. It works on phones, computers, and tablets. 

Who is it for?

It is for anybody that wants to create a website, hassle-free. The majority of users today are small business owners, communities and clubs, entrepreneurs, and people selling services. 

Why was it created?

Simple Different developed SimDif 2 to meet the website creation needs of people all over the globe. To help people create a presence on the web and have a platform to manage their site. 

Readily available in 11 languages, the app is designed with translation purposes in mind. And thanks to BabelDif (a translation tool developed alongside SimDif 2), the app can be translated into many different languages.

The goal is to support many languages and cultures, especially those that are underrepresented on the internet. And to help people of those languages achieve something of real value for themselves and their communities. 

Does it cost?

There is a free version and for the first time in the world a fair PPP indexed price for the Smart and Pro versions. See FairDif

Hosting is free of charge for all sites. 

To check out the features and price of each version, go here.